When my friend invited me and my roommate to the screening of the most recent episode of “Teen Wolf,” I couldn’t believe it. I mean, if I were Jeff Davis, I wouldn’t allow fans anywhere near my house. In fact, I would probably build a moat of some sort. Yes, definitely a moat. I thought that we would likely be drugged, stuffed into the back of a van with bags over our heads as we were lead to a secret location, but nope. My friend texted me the address, and I drove to the absolutely gorgeous house of executive producer Jeff Davis.

As soon as we walked through the door, Jeff came over and hugged us. We had met him previously at Bite Con, then again on a set tour, and he was incredibly nice on both occasions and actually remembered us. He was a gracious host at the screening, mingling and making sure everyone was greeted and had a great time.

The only reference to “Teen Wolf” around the house was a small black and white framed photo of a promotional billboard during the first season of the show. I kept looking for an oversized, painted portrait of Jeff Davis to later prove that I was actually at his house, but, sadly, the décor was lacking that.

A short time later, Jeff went to the door and returned with his arms stacked high with pizzas that he had ordered for everyone. Seriously, he is the nicest guy.